Why Did You Become A Software Engineer?

Nicos Tsourektsidis
2 min readMar 24, 2021


No, seriously now, why did you become a software engineer?

Was it the beauty of the algorithms? The intelligence of the design patterns? The mysteriously blinking lights in server rooms? The revolution of technology and how it improves our lives? The happiness to see other people react to your creations? The agile manifest? The money they promised you? The feeling you helped the world become a better place? The need to have a job? The dirty hacks you invent to deal with something you don’t know? The fact you will never be without a job? The coffee you drink in your breaks? The dream to become the cockiest boss alive? Was it your mom?

I published mυ story about Why I Became A Software Engineer to my personal blog, which is a directors-cut version of this article. You can read the full article there or continue reading the short version here.

I always had an interest about User Interfaces and technology. I spent a lot of years trying to build personal websites and blogs. This drove me to start learning programming and eventually become a software engineer.

My curiosity helped me spend endless amount of hours. I had to deal with many issues to see my creations going published. This was a natural process.

In the beginning of my career I took a lot of risks to become a software engineer. I said no to more profitable jobs, against what it was considered safe, in favour of gaining experience. I also had an opinion about design, software architecture and marketing, even before I joined the university.

In the process, blinded by success and professionalism, I forgot how it was when I started. I was afraid taking chances, I lost my motivation, I was procrastinating things and the bad habits list goes on. I recently discovered how much I missed being a creator. This was the best motivator I had in my life. This was my drive for my personal and professional success.

What is your story?

Can you easily tell what your main driver was? Do you think it still drives you today or was there something you lost in the process? Is your job as a programmer how you imagined it would be?

📖 Read about my story:
👉 https://nicotsou.com/2021-03-21-why-I-became-a-software-engineer/

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