No, seriously now, why did you become a software engineer?

Was it the beauty of the algorithms? The intelligence of the design patterns? The mysteriously blinking lights in server rooms? The revolution of technology and how it improves our lives? The happiness to see other people react to your creations…

Photo by Jack Carter

Declarative programming makes your code more concise, easier to read and reason about and reduces side effects.

Procedural and object-oriented are forms of imperative programming, which implements algorithms in explicit steps. React embraces functional programming which is a form of declarative programming.

You describe what the program must accomplish for…

Redux is a tiny Javascript library that manages the state of your application in a more consistent and practical way.

Think state as a repository in the memory which stores data from a database, an api, the local cache, a UI element in the screen like a form field and…

Nicos Tsourektsidis

Lead Software Engineer @ Epam Systems Switzerland. I ❤️ JavaScript, React, User Interfaces, coffee and video games.

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